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We invite your entire family to make our Overland Park dentist’s office your dental home. Our full suite of services means we can treat most any of your smile concerns and send you home with healthy, beautiful teeth. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality preventive care because prevention is the cornerstone to a healthy mouth.

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Our Preventive Services

Routine Exams & Cleanings

Visit us every 6 months for an exam, X-rays, and a thorough teeth cleaning. We use this time to check for any signs of wear or decay, too, so we can stop problems in their tracks.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is highly treatable when caught early, so our team will check for signs of it during your exam.

Periodontal Care

The health of your gums is an essential part of your overall mouth health. If we notice signs of gum disease (red or swollen gums, bleeding, tenderness, etc.), we’ll let you know and give you some tips on how to get your gums back in good health.

Fluoride Treatments

The natural mineral fluoride helps give your tooth enamel extra strength. While you probably get a fair amount of fluoride from water and other parts of your diet, we can provide a fluoride treatment if we notice that your enamel could use it.

Dental Sealants

Typically placed on the primary teeth of children, sealants prevent food and other debris from getting into the crevices of teeth, particularly the molars. We can place sealants on permanent teeth, too.

Mouthguards & Nightguards

Our team can create custom athletic mouthguards for patients who play contact sports (even teens!), as well as nightguards for patients with bruxism (a nighttime teeth grinding condition).

Sleep Apnea Therapy

If you snore excessively at night or have been told by a partner that you stop breathing while sleeping, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. After receiving a diagnosis, our team can help you experience restful sleep again with the help of oral appliances.

Why Is Prevention So Important?

You may think it’s okay to skip routine dental appointments because of a busy schedule or a tight budget. But ignoring your dental health in the short term can lead to big problems in the long term. You may end up needing a crown or even a root canal because of decay or damage. If you need more extensive work, you’ll find yourself spending more time in the dental chair and more money at the dentist’s office. It’s best to visit Thompson Family Dental regularly so we can look for potential problems and treat them with less invasive treatments.

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